Bona Fortuna is Latin and means briefly translated: Good Luck!

Bona Fortuna International is an alternative aid organization, originally created as a response to the established aid organizations’ political correctness and disproportionate costs.

Bona Fortuna is Latin and means briefly translated: Good luck!

Bona Fortuna is the organization for those who want right help to end up right where the basic idea is to help on site under local conditions, when this is possible.

There is an enormous number of people in need who do not receive any help from the established organizations. Often only because these people for various reasons do not fit into the current political consensus. We help people on the run, poor people who otherwise would have no chance in life and people who are abandoned by the system.

Bona Fortuna also works with research, information dissemination and opinion formation in our core areas.

We believe in people, not ideologies or religions. Only free people can create a better world. We believe in the power of knowledge. The knowledge of how to grow a field, how to build a boat or a house or how to repair a car. It is the kind of lessons that provides food on the table, roof over the head, and supplies people with the most necessary.

Our goal is “to help people learn to fish”, not just to give them “a fish for the day” – that’s the simple idea behind Bona Fortuna International. Everyone on the board works voluntarily. Gifts & grants for Bona Fortuna’s projects go in full to what the money is intended for!


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Briefly about the organization…

The basic idea was created by Hans Erling Jensen and his wife Ewa Samvik 2013.

Motivated by their Nepalese friend in Kathmandu, high school principal Prakash Adhikari, and a desire to show politicians in Sweden that the best help does not necessarily mean importing all the needy to Sweden, the work of creating an orphanage for street children first began in Nepal.

The orphanage officially opened the same day the disastrous 8.2 earthquake hit Nepal 25th of April 2015 and the on going efforts were, of course, instantly redirected to emergency aid.

The last four years our activities has developed and now there is a well-functioning school for orphans and other vulnerable children in Kathmandu based on the Montessori principles.

The school has 2019 years 1 and 2 and will for the next 4 years grow and stay at years 1-6. The school has already received several awards from various Nepali authorities.

However, it was a completely different thing that the founders first created headlines with in Nepal already in 2014! They named the the mission: The Kathmandu ReClean The Streets Project!
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Today, Bona Fortuna also help a number of Christian refugees from Pakistan who, despite being persecuted and some even approved by the UNHCR, are forced to live illegally and hidden in Thailand, which never ratified the 1951 UN Refugee Convention.

If you are interested in the whole story of the organization, its main characters and what we are doing today – click on the link below.

The Bona Fortuna history

THE BOARD 2019-20

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Adjunct Member ob.

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As long as poverty, injustice and persecution occurs, we won’t relax. In Bona Fortuna we have already shown the world, that helping the most vulnerable to gain a real life, is possible when you really go for it! Join us now and become “a changer” you too…!