Bona Fortuna is a small organization – ridiculously small. We have no luxurious office or fancy cars. Most of the time, we work from home. The last year under the Covid plaque has convinced us, that many more people could and should do that. If not just to save money, if not only o be able to spend them on the right places, then for the benefit of the environment.

But enough about our extreme beliefs 😊

We intend to bring you into an adventure, with the possibility to be a part of the activities we provide to help the needy and the persecuted in an individual person-to-person process containing daily support and long-term aid. The main purpose of course, is to prepare and generate for a thriving future for the families or individuals, that we have vetted and handpicked and who currently are facing severe problems in some of the most hostile sites on the soil of the 😊Earth.

We must focus because we are helping some of the poorest people (children) in Nepal. We provide the tools so they can catch the fish themselves!

We help Christians on the run from islamists in places like the Middle East and Pakistan. At the same time, we work to reveal the big organizations (UNHCR in particular) who is taking advantages on those, needing help.

If you give them a hand, you will never be forgotten, and your name will light in our hearts forever 😊

  • Many Christian refugees depend on us!

  • We give street children in Nepal a future.

  • We do not talk about cleaning – we do it!

  • We willingly share our experiences – with you.

Hvad er dette?


The Persecuted

75% of the world's religiously persecuted are Christians. In some countries, persecution is so violent that it is impossible to live in safety as a Christian who is very often perceived as enemies of Islam.


Children & Education

We started in 2014, together with our Nepalese partner, to support street children. The Bona Fortuna concept has achieved great success in Kathmandu and is nowadays considered a role model for AID to the poorest.


Waste Management

Summer 2014 ADEC Nepal and Bona Fortuna launched the ReClean The Streets campaign in several parts of Kathmandu. The concept is now acknowledged all over Nepal for its low costs and servere efficiency.


As long as poverty, injustice and persecution occurs, we won’t relax. In Bona Fortuna we have already shown the world, that helping the most vulnerable to gain a real life, is possible when you really go for it! Join us now and become “a changer” you too…!